Maranda Velasquez, Bat Soap Crazy

An imaginative woman bringing amusement and fun to the world of soap-making.

Maranda is the owner and soap-maker for Bat Soap Crazy. She is woman much like a geode; reserved and filled with beauty. She finds wonderment in being outside and expressing herself through art. “I like staying busy as much as possible, so I enjoy trying new hobbies and crafts all the time,” she adds, “I love traveling and seeing new places whenever possible.” Maranda’s personality shines through her work, allowing imagination and talent to come alive.

One of the places you may find her soaps is at one of the local craft fairs. At her booth, customers find themselves among an array of colors, shimmers and shapes from the sheer amount of soaps ready for buyers to take home. Some examples of the distinctive soaps she has created include sharks bobbing out of translucent blue, glitter-sprinkled cupcakes and cake slices, candy and whipped cream adorned shapes harboring swirls and lively colors, as well as a multitude of other unique soap creations. “I think my molds set me apart from other soap makers. Most soap makers have either plain square-cut bars or decorative square bars. I have those but also unique molds like bats, sharks, dinosaurs, dragons and so on,” Maranda shares, “I'm always looking for something else I can add to the soap even as a decorative top.” There are always festive new soaps in her collection, in celebration of upcoming holidays. Aside from the sight of these wonderful delights, their fragrances are exceptionally aromatic. Between the sweet pleasant scents and their bouquet of colors, they almost seem good enough to eat!

Working with a cold-process soap-making technique, the soaps take about 4 weeks before they’re ready to sell and use. Maranda spoke about her process of saponification during which oils and sodium hydroxide are mixed to create the base. This takes about two hours to prepare the soap and pour it into the mold. After 24 hours she is then able to remove the batches from the molds and cut them into individual pieces to store until they’re ready to use. The process is long and dedicated, especially for the amount and variety of soaps that Maranda creates.

Apart from soap, Maranda makes additional bath items with the assistance of her mom. They've perfected bath bubbles for soaking and relaxation, as well as bath salts and sugar scrubs for making skin feel exfoliated, hydrated and rejuvenated. The mother-daughter pair love the time that they spend together experimenting and working towards goals as a family.

Maranda takes delight in all of her creations. She dedicates time into researching new techniques and ideas for soaps that are unlike any other in order to surprise customers. This artform is the perfect combination of her other creative passions; baking and painting. “It’s something you can use every day but you can still be as creative as you want with it.” Each new mold, scent, and color she invests in adds another interesting soap to her shop. The sheer variety of finished products available from Bat Soap Crazy sheds light on her devotion to thriving in this new venture and to providing a better life for her family through it.

Maranda entered into soap-making and established Bat Soap Crazy so that she could stay home with her husband. He is a 100% disabled veteran and she caretakes for him full-time. Being a disabled veteran can be a difficult situation to deal with, as veterans are not always given the care an assistance that they need in order to live the life that they deserve for what they have gone through. Maranda and her husband have experienced this and she has adjusted her career to ensure that life at home is taken care of for him. When customers purchase goods from Bat Soap Crazy, they are supporting a family that has given their all to our community and country.

Bat Soap Crazy takes special orders for events so be sure check out Maranda's work! In addition to shopping from Bat Soap Crazy, she wants readers to know that they can support her by spreading the word about her soaps and remembering to shop local because it supports families like hers.

Bat Soap Crazy products can be found at Funky Junk on Highway 108 just below Soulsbyville or may be ordered online through Facebook and Instagram.

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