Kelley Premeaux, Tattoo Artist

A woman filled with love, kindness and a plethora of artistic talents.

She experiences an addictive rush, a high unlike any other. When Kelley Premeaux goes to work every day, this is the chemical feeling that greets her in those moments when the tattoo gun in her hands meets her client's skin. Kelley is a tattoo artist in Twain Harte with 17 years of experience in the industry but a lifetime's experience in artistic creation and expression. The permanency of embedding her art and soul on the living canvases that come and go from her shop brings joy to her life.

Kelley Premeaux and Brooke Bailey opened their new Twain Harte tattoo parlor Juniper Moon Tattoo in April 2019. Kelley, originally from the Bay Area, lived in Fiddletown for a short while where she was introduced to the mountain life. Ultimately, she left and ventured to San Francisco where her tattoo career began. As the culture and living conditions of San Francisco evolved with the influence of the tech industry, things changed for Kelley as well. She needed to leave the big city, bouncing from the bay to Texas and then back to her roots in the Sierras.

Twain Harte, with its sweet pine air and earthy distinction, was an obvious choice for Kelley when deciding where to settle down and open a new shop. Upon walking into Juniper Moon Tattoo, clients are greeted with a happy uplifting ambiance and a well organized shop. Eclectic art covers the walls, reflecting the breadth of aesthetics that entice the women working within.

Kelley set out to create a space that welcomes all, and she did exactly that. "Everyone is so divided right now. Not here. When you come here, there are no bad vibes," Kelley laughs, "I want to find the funny and positive in everything." She says this to me as she tattoos a floral piece on the upper arm of a client. The mood in the room is so light and relaxed. She speaks about herself and her life with such enthusiasm for where she's been and where she's going.

Kelley's portfolio speaks for itself. Her finished pieces are gorgeous, intricate and abounding with personality. From lively animals and striking portraits to sublime color work and custom designs, she continues to inspire the lives she touches with these prolific works of art.

While Kelley loves all aspects of tattooing, her artistry extends to a multitude of other art forms. She is perfecting the art of leatherwork, so much so that she has recently begun combining the skill with macrame. Here, you can see an example of this in a purse and wallet set she made. While plans are in motion to "go big" with sales of leatherwork goods, right now she sells to family, friends and by word of mouth.

Like her tattoos, Kelley's leatherwork purses and wallets range in style and color. More examples of this are seen below. She often experiments with melding together individual art forms to come up with something purely new. While constantly learning and adding to her inventory, she aims for perfection in every piece.

While living in San Francisco, she pursued clothing design, and continues to work with beading, painting and other creative outlets in her life today. Kelley says she "constantly strives for creative balance."

"I've got to do this," her conviction shines through, "I never have to grow up when I get to do what I love every day." As a woman leading a passionate and exuberant life, her joy permeates to those around her. "I'm not a Rockefeller but I am happy and that is HUGE."

To see more of Kelley's creations and tattoo portfolio, check out her Instagram @premeaux77. Juniper Moon Tattoo is located at 22997 Joaquin Gully Road, Suite G in Twain Harte, and can be contacted on their Facebook page.

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