Jonathan Cronan, Singer-Songwriter

Music changes lives. For Jonathan Cronan, music is life.

As an uncomplicated strumming eases listeners into the introduction of the singer’s voice, a laid-back indie melody is met with words all too telling of the character behind them:

“I’m not one to simply give it all but I can

And I’m not one to show that I am vulnerable, but I’ll try.”

Jonathan Cronan gives the world a bit of himself within each note carried out in his music. In My Own Way is one of the four songs he released on Spotify in 2018, holding his spot for the fresh indie-pop tracks set to release this year. This is one of his more down-to-earth tracks with an in-studio sound. It speaks of someone he loves and serves as an ode to the role he plays in building and breaking the barriers of that love. Near the end of the song, a veiled chorus rises and falls; the strums of his guitar slow. He reiterates the feeling of being in his own way when it comes to this love he has.

Other tracks Jonathan has released are accompanied by upbeat vibes, such as Higher, which contains elements of a playful piano and classically rich vocals that make listeners want to sway and clap to the contagious rhythm. For fans who love a lively guitar duet, Wherever You Are is simple in nature yet impressive from the build-up of harmonious leads. It’s easy to listen to, with happy little riffs throughout.

Serving as emblems to his potential and talent, these songs have been an inspiring drive for Jonathan to continue towards his dreams as an alternative singer-songwriter and indie-pop musician. Jonathan began singing at a young age, adding guitar to the mix at 7 years old. Now at 21, his life is accompanied by the rhythm of constant music. “Sometimes I wake up in the morning, make coffee, grab a guitar and sit down to write a whole song in 15 minutes,” Jonathan tells, “those are golden and usually pretty decent songs.” Other times he may only come up with the lyrics to a song or just the chords. With over 300 snippets of recordings, notes and voice notes saved on his phone, his world revolves around the music as it comes to mind. “Inspiration comes from anywhere for me. I have tried to make the process accessible and organic.” Like many artists, Jonathan’s worldview is shaped by the lens of music, and every occurrence has the possibility of becoming something brilliant through his songs.

“It’s the only thing I have ever known. It is the only thing that motivates me and gives me a sense of progression.” – Jonathan Cronan

After growing up in the Groveland area and attending Connections Academy, he embraced the objective of pursuing singing and songwriting professionally. The first step came in attending Los Angeles College of Music and working in related industry roles to boost his career in LA. Collaborating with like-minded artists and a major record label artist have given him quality experience for growth in different areas of music, and the opportunity to discover new friendships along the way. Finally, Jonathan says “I’m comfortable with giving myself some credit by doing exactly what I’ve wanted to do.” Producing music, collaborating with and joining various bands, as well as continuing to write new material all ensure new endeavors in his life are consistently embarked upon.

Part of Jonathan’s work is to write songs for other artists. Combining his skills with programs such as Logic Pro X and Ableton allows him to keep work moving forward. “As long as it’s still fun and something I believe in, that’s what I’m determined to do.” Within his solo work, he’s currently pursuing a new project which is set to record in February. 2020 is a year of momentum for Jonathan Cronan Music. Following the finishing touches, fresh tracks are expected to release regularly.

Jonathan performs in Tuolumne County at venues including Stage 3, Emberz, Iron Door Saloon, The Water Wheel and others when opportunity allows. In anticipation of the debut of his new website, Jonathan says that fans will be able to purchase merchandise to support his growing career.

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"I'm thankful that anyone really cares about my music, and career. 

Support local music :)" - Jonathan

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