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"Chimney Burst" View of the Emigrant Wilderness

Carrying with him a camera and a deep fervor for adventure, James Patrick Kelly regularly explores the land he loves and the creatures residing in it. James owns a photography business called JPK Presents, and shows these magnificent shots through the gallery he co-owns with musician Keith Burrows, the Twain Arte Gallery in Twain Harte. From conversations with James, it's unmistakable that his life is wrought with intent to discover nature and forge new creations to share with others.

"Puffy Pinecrest" View of Pinecrest lake from above

James attributes his success as a landscape and wildlife photographer to the support of the community. As a 35 year resident, his primary locational focus for shots is on Tuolumne County, including remote areas of the Emigrant Wilderness and Stanislaus National Forest. While he stays within the bounds of the Motherlode for the majority of his work, he has gained momentum with the local audience and those who pass through town on their own mountain adventures.

JPK Presents came about roughly five years ago, first adorning the walls of Alicia's Sugar Shack. "Alicia's Sugar Shack has been very supportive of my growth as a photographer." He adds how extremely grateful he's been for that support. While the Twain Arte Gallery is an abode for much of his work, he also continues to show his photography at Alicia's Sugar Shack, the Pinecrest Art Gallery, and S.N.A.C.

The support James received when beginning his photography business encouraged him to open the Twain Arte Gallery. It serves as a place where he can meet with clients and hang large prints. His sales ensure that he can bring in more artists and keep the gallery running. James elaborated on all the wonderful attributes of the other talented artists that share their work alongside his. This conversation made it clear that he is the kind of person who looks to boost the success of others, and not just his. The gallery currently shows the work of 10 artists.

James is such a gem for the art community in Twain Harte. He expresses so much heart for propelling the passionate work of artists through planned community initiatives. He aims to begin some of these plans in the upcoming months.

"Dawn Below Cleo's Bath" Pinecrest Lake and Cleo's Bath Midwinter

"This summer we will have meet and greet weekends with a booth outside, for artists to paint and work while meeting people and answering questions. I’m trying to have a connection between the artist and their work. Something a little bit different from the internet.”

- James Patrick Kelly

While James has a broad following online, the gallery is a special place for his work. He believes that standing before an image gives viewers a completely different perception than seeing the photo online. When it comes to his work, he's right. The time and care James takes into printing his images on high quality metal and canvas surfaces is worth the time and effort.

One of the photos in his gallery is of a pink and purple sunset hovering above Half Dome. Half Dome photos are quite common, yet there is not another so breathtaking and absolutely striking to the eye. The sky, the clouds and the entire landscape between it and the camera come alive. This photo in particular, is printed on metal and hung behind the counter of the gallery, high on the wall. It, accompanied with the other metal prints alongside it, cause reverence.

Metal prints create an almost multi-dimensional scene, complemented by a soft metallic shimmer. It's a brilliant effect to ordinary photographs, and makes for even more captivating scenes when coupled with such fantastic images.

"November Moon" Full moon above Sonora Peak
"Leavitt Glow" Leavitt Peak and Blue Canyon from Sonora Pass

Wanting to consistently explore new techniques for displaying photographs, James has begun printing a variety of sizes on metal, including panoramic shots. Some of these shots have been graced with hand-crafted frames made from local repurposed live edge native wood. Keith and James craft the frames together from wood gathered on Mount Provo, and ensure that each frame is unlike another. James has an appreciation for the rare shapes the frames allow his work to take on. Instead of all the images confined to strict lines, some are surrounded by curves, complementary to the landscape within.

Every ounce of thought and effort which goes towards the preservation and perfectionism instilled into the display of these images, just proves how hard James worked for each photograph.

I am a photographer because I want to share the beauty and natural wonders of the places and creatures that are meaningful to me. I carry heavy loads of gear and travel great distances because it is important to me to expose this beauty to others who cant always be there themselves.

- James Patrick Kelly

In conjunction with photography, James is a videographer and a graphic design artist. He is now expanding his efforts to help other artists and businesses by offering graphic design, Photoshop and retouching services for a variety of items including posters and CDs.

James has turned his photos into an assortment made for different tastes and price ranges. Metal and canvas prints come in multiple sizes, while he also carries framed metal prints, metallic paper prints, matted prints, and mounted metallic paper prints. A monthly planner and two different 2020 calendars are available, one on metallic paper accompanied by a silver pen; the other is a large portrait style calendar.

While most of his prints at Twain Arte Gallery are landscape photography, James has items that are dedicated to his local wildlife and nature images including magnets and coasters. The variety of magnets offered are pictured here.

I want to inspire people to get outside and experience the outdoors for themselves. I am also trying to provide the people who can't venture too far from the car, an opportunity to view what the sunrise looked liked ten miles out into the wilderness, or maybe the sunset from the top of a big peak. I want to expose the beauty of nature. I want to show the world that the environment is worth protecting. I have to do what I do, at this point in my life, it has become my life.

-James Patrick Kelly

Visit the Twain Arte Gallery for a taste of JPK Presents, the beautiful photography of James Patrick Kelly. To order custom prints, contact James through Instagram or Facebook.

"Pinecrest Blues" Midwinter at Pinecrest Lake
"Nuttall's Blister Beetle" Insect from Sonora Pass
"Moment of Clarity" Emigrant wilderness scene with Three Chimney's
"Ladybird Daisy" Local Wildlife and Nature
"Be The Light" Local Waterfall

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