Hannah Ferris, Cup & Canvas Co.

Hannah Ferris's bold bountiful bits of nature, settled perfectly on backgrounds of white canvas are a calming indulgence to the eye.

Hannah Ferris has an eye for the delicate side of nature. From black pen drawings of incredible intricacy, to the soft petals on her acrylic floral canvas paintings, her pieces are tastes of the beauty as she sees it in the world around us.

Hannah's devotion to art began four years ago. Born and raised in Tuolumne County, she and her husband moved to Chicago for a few years until winter of 2018. While learning how to live in the hustle and bustle of the city, Hannah began teaching herself how to turn off the disorder around her and dive into a new world created through her artwork. At her church in Chicago, the people were quite supportive of the arts community, being a staple of the neighborhood culture in the area she lived in.

Hannah befriended a local oil painter, and together they would frequent paint shops and parks for creative spark. This environment allowed her to explore the many artistic attributes of the area and be inspired by the endless murals, galleries, sculptures and architecturally unique buildings. By mimicking her favorite aspects of nature along the way, she fell into a life of floral abundance within her peaceful world of artistry.

The process of creating a new piece is a journey in itself. She begins with a vision and a desired end result. Sometimes a painting comes out as perfect as imagined, occasionally being too much to bear parting with. These are the pieces that find their way onto the walls of her home. Luckily for the rest of us, many of her works make their way into new homes.

For Hannah, "Finishing a painting is bittersweet." Once it's over, it's hard for her to let go, "like finishing a good book," she says, "you just aren't ready to let go of the characters and find a new book."

For fans of her art, Hannah will create custom pieces. She has done sea-creature themed black and white constructs like the seahorse pictured here, as well as other creatures and elements found within nature. She does venture outside of the nature realm, catering to themes of a customer's choosing.

In 2018, Hannah began her painting party business Cup & Canvas Co. Presenting to parties of 13 or more, she guides painters of all experience levels in a light and fun experience to finish a themed painting of the host's choice.

"My favorite thing about the parties is creating an activity that gives people a positive experience doing art." Hannah finds that many times, people are apprehensive about painting in front of other people, especially when they have very little experience. The way she confronts this fear is by preparing immensely to ensure that everyone is able to complete a piece that they are proud of and want to take home with them as a memory worth holding on to.

"Even though I walk everyone through each step, every piece is a little different and I love seeing how they all turn out."

Hannah is planning on expanding Cup & Canvas Co. and wants to spread the word. She finds great joy in art and loves to teach others to find the little moments where they can completely absorb themselves into their work, like she does when working on a new piece.

Hannah's parties are available to all varieties of groups such as friends, families, bridal parties, church groups, and may serve as a special experience for company employees to relax and bond in a creative new way. Each party takes about two hours and participants would need to be over age 8 with the ability to use basic painting utensils.

Painting is a therapeutic and relaxing outlet in every-day life. It's a wonderful way to destress and bond with others. Step out of your world and into the canvas with Hannah at Cup & Canvas Co.

To purchase Hannah's artwork, visit her Etsy store and follow her personal artwork page on Facebook @bloomingintherough.

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