Ash Gelhaus, Tigerlily Creative

A beautifully artistic fight for earth, one snapshot at a time.

If a person could live in complete harmony with nature, Ashley Gelhaus would be the woman to take it on in all its delicacy and darkness. With an eco-friendly drive and the fire to spread an art-based campaign for treating nature with deference, she captures natural forces and the impact humans have on the planet in her art and photography.

At age 15, she established her foundations as an artist and has grown every day since. Ash took an interest in photography and used what she had access to in order to build her skills - an iPhone. Today, a Nikon D7200 graces her palms in the depths of nature as hummingbirds and frost-painted leaves are captured in the lens.

Ash's photography is experimental and focuses on the discovery of new compositions and perspectives in nature and within textures found in unique places. Her portfolio is filled with landscape and wildlife images, as well as close-ups of beautiful native plants. "I want people to view the planet for how special it really is." To better portray the dimensions of nature rarely seen in daily life, Ash consistently pushes personal boundaries and takes on the challenge of photographing commonly captured sights through new viewpoints. One whimsical photo on her Instagram page is of a stream shot through a crystal ball. It gives the illusion of looking through the window of a tiny water droplet after fresh rain.

With a strong prerogative for societal change, she has been working on the Cleaner Conservation Project. It consists of art that depicts the interactions of wildlife and the detrimental waste of humans that has caused their deaths and endangerment. From sea turtles mistaking plastic bags for a delicious jellyfish dinner, to a shark's entanglement with a fishnet, it's clear that these lively creatures met their fate by things long forgotten by the people who once used them and that is our burden to bear. These are the notions that drive Ash to continue to use art as a force of awareness.

In one of her many artistic endeavors, Ash completed the 31 day ink drawing challenge of Inktober. This humorous chicken was conjured up while sitting in a hospital room with her mom. Their situation at the time was anything but fun, but they lightened the day by coming up with the idea to put the chicken in a bowl of chicken noodle soup, leaving us with this absolute masterpiece. She now uses pen and ink as her main medium in art and is working on a wildlife and nature series for use in an adult coloring book.

Working on the coloring book is meticulous and time-consuming. Each drawing typically takes about three weeks to finish; a sign that the end result is worth the wait. Her pen and ink skills are on point. This bear and cub drawing looks like it was graphically designed on a computer, yet is a sketch in one of her notebooks. After she completes this first book, she plans to do a second, focused on endangered species.

Tapping into another sense, Ash also creates soy-based candles from 100% locally sourced ingredients. They come in a variety of scents and colors. Some of her favorite scents include Blackberry Vanilla, Rosemary Eucalyptus Mint and Balsam Fir Eucalyptus. They are packaged in decorative glass jars and smell delightful!

Ash sells many versions of her photography and art, in store and online. She has put together three 2020 photography calendars filled with her photos. The themes are nature, wildlife and floral images. Aside from originals and prints, her drawings are found on bookmarks and mini-prints.

"I've never been driven by money. I just want people to pay more attention to the world around them."

- Ashley Gelhaus

To purchase the work of Tigerlily Creative by Ashley Gelhaus, go to Twain Arte Galley in Twain Harte, California, or visit her website. Follow Tigerlily Creative on Instagram, Patreon, her blog and Facebook to see where her nature adventures take her next!

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