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DIY Simple Body Butter!

If you're stuck at home like us, you probably need something simple and creative to pass the time. Spoil yourself with this easy body butter recipe!


• Oil (1 Cup) - Any kind safe for skincare will do. We used a sunflower and coconut oil mix which created a whipped butter texture. Each oil will change the end product. Olive oil creates a lotion while straight up coconut oil will give you a solidified oily bar. Mix in shea butter & essential oils to play with the recipe and make it your own!

• Bees Wax (3 TBS) - purchase locally from one of the Motherlode honey makers or at the health food store closest to you! Nature's Whole Foods in Standard carries a few different kinds!

• COLD water (1 Cup) - seriously, as cold as you can get it to come out of the tap!

Double boil water. Mix together the oil and bees wax and stir until the wax is melted. Pour the mixture into a blender and blend IMMEDIATELY. 

SLOWLY pour the water into the blender through the lid. The slower the better because it helps the liquids properly emulsify. (When the water is not poured slow enough, it may never mix in, resulting in little pools in the finished product. When this happens DON'T FRET! Just pour out the water before transfering the body butter into its container.

This recipe is so simple and a great way to teach kids about measurements and life skills! 

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